Welcome to SeeSystems Design, multimedia by Curtis W. Smith

SeeSystems Design embarked upon the journey into multimedia creation in 1999. Created and operated by Curtis Smith, the goal is good design and service at a fair rate. With experience in many different graphic and technical mediums, SeeSystems has a unique ability to get the job done quickly with great results.

SeeSystems Design is your source for:

  • HTML5, CSS, Wordpress and Java Script based web site development
  • Photography and digital video
  • Technical and Promotional writing
  • Brochure, poster, advertisement and general graphic design
  • Digital music and audio creation

What's New?

SeeSystems web site gets an update (finally!!)

After many hours of work and just as many testing, an updated SeeSystems web site is here at last. My preference for clean layout is evident with the simple navigation and distinct header, content and footer sections. It uses custom HTML5 markup and CSS (no templates for me!!) and has a responsive design.
I have included a feature that has been on my mind for some time. The header/footer background image to the left will randomly change with each selection to another page or if the browser is refreshed. At this time there are 10 images used for the header/footer background but I will be mixing it up over time with more and different images.
This site will also serve as a type of blog for me to publish articles and ramble on about various subjects relating to multimedia. While the emphasis will likely lean towards photography, I will also add articles relating to all forms of multimedia (graphic design, web sites, 3D modeling, the list goes on...).
I hope you like the new layout and feel free to use those handy social media links to the left (I know, no Facebook. Maybe coming soon...).

I Love Waterfalls!

murhut falls

It rains a lot where I live (we call it liquid sunshine). In the western half of Washington state it is always green and I am lucky to live close to what has become my favorite National Park. Olympic National Park is very unique having diverse ecosystems from marine to rain forest to high mountain alpine. Located on the Pacific coast of Washington state, it probably receives more rain than any other park in the country and all of that rain creates thousands of waterfalls, one of my favorite photographic subjects.
Getting to some of the waterfalls is as simple as driving to them. Some require a short walk and some are deeper into the park requiring several hours of hiking. Olympic National Park is heavily forested and many of the rivers and streams have hundreds of trees that have fallen across them creating small waterfalls that change from year to year. Other falls are more permanent dropping over cliffs and over steep gorges. The images below are a small sampling of waterfalls located in and around Olympic National Park. Enjoy!
Click an image to see the larger version.