Tamas Prepost F1 image

Image by Tamas Prepost from Hungary
Some words about my picture:
I want to show how imagine a car designer -in the middle 1900- a futuristic F1 car. So I made an old style car wich uses modern technologies, like jet engine and fusion energy for levitation. My car can move on normal tracks, but if the driver turn down the wheels, he can use the anty gravity ability of the car, so the car can move in the air -i try to show that ability on the left part of the picture. The line and the numbers are connect to the history and my country and symbolize the past and the future. 1894 - the first motor race in france, 1901 - the first Grand Prix, 1906 the Hungarian born Ferenc Szisz won a race, 1936 - the first GP in Hungary, Budapest- Nepliget Blender 2.48a internal, only resize in Gimp.

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