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Number of entries:47 Last update: July 16, 2002

F1 Challenge News: The Blender F1 Challenge for 2002 is now finished. Thank you to all of the participants and a BIG THANKS to the gang at for hosting the voting portion! The TOP 5 Challengers are shown below. Until next season....Ciao for now!! -- Curtis (July 16,2002)

Caronte Number 1: Caronte's wild, blue, mean machine!! Awesome work!!
MortalNME Number 2: MortalNME's attention to detail really paid off!!
Raymond Fordham Number 3: Raymond Fordham's (aka Tricky) wonderful transparent F1 is a real work of art!!
Stefano Selleri #2 Number 4 (tied with number 5): Stefano Selleri (aka S68) has a real flair for unusual designs. This work shows real imagination!!
Jason Nollan Number 5 (tied with number 4): Jason Nolan's (aka cluh) rail-based F1 is simply outstanding!!
Nate Hampson Nate Hampson Curtis Smith Example Image Stefano Selleri Stefano Selleri #2 Malefico BgDM
Poju Dwayne Leonard Ulises Gonzalez David Teres Stefano Selleri Brian Jacobson Martin Poirier
Richard Kobres Vinicius Z. Novaes MortalNME Jacob Nash Nate Hampson Dave Leeak Caronte
Matt Schiller Jorx BgDM Nishin Tomislav Corak Jakub Szalamacha Ernel Sapinoso
Raymond Fordham Nimrad Hans Packet Monkeyboi sgefant Zsolt Stefan Dreamflange
ineedanewbike Jason Nollan Andrew Nollan Jason Nollan suRReal Taylor Richardson Scott Francis
Pofo Michael Claydon Eric Svard Hans Packet Isaac Roose Darkelfv Great work!!